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The brand Buccellati is well known throughout the world. Several generations of the family have already delighted connoisseurs with their gold and silver creations.
Buccellati is a synonym of high quality, grace and style. Behind the name lies an entire philosophy which, as with every artform, speaks of aesthetic choice and creates its own laws and style: directness, class and harmony. A leading quality in the brand Buccellati is exactly the harmony of form, the completeness of every detail, the richness of engravement and the detailed sculpting of every element on the various precious metals.
Everything created by the family has a characteristic signature making each item a real piece of art. Every Buccellati product is or was personally designed by one of the great craftsmen of the family - Mario, Gianmaria and Andrea.

Family History:
At the beginnig of the 20th century Mario Buccellati was the driving force of the company. Today, his son Gianmaria and his grandson Andrea continue the tradition, managing to maintain the original style of design, effectively bridging the past and future.
Every work today carries the signature of Gianmaria or his son Andrea, who both oversee the entire creation process of every item, making each Buccellati product unique.